Reacting To BLACKPINK LISA ‘Good Thing’ Dance Practice Video Reaction

February 27, 2020

hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another video and today we’re gonna be checking out black pings Lisa
dance practice video of a good thing it’s been a while since actually check
out a black thing video let alone a trance practice video so that’s what I’m
gonna do it today now as always make sure you subscribe and turn on
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alright now that’s out the way let’s get started we’re ready now Lisa is a really
good dancer so yeah today that’s gonna find out how good she is
in this dance practice video so yeah let’s get started with this one no okay
so this happened back in November raw I will link the original video down below
it’s a Korean YouTube channel oh yeah credits will be down below okay
I don’t think there’s any English subs so what is she doing she’s lying on a
one two three four five five cheese okay probably starting a performance here
nice well the head just keep it straight
there but then oh my goodness look how flexible shoes I have today she must have missed that
part there and this is this angles way to love this is kind of like a GoPro all right that must be the choreographer
trying to teach them how to do this dance probably timing it on the beat anything
and I can’t move my leg like that play yeah she’s very flexible in a good way
nothing too bad for Eddie wow this is like a full-on choreography
video so reminds me of sustaining a Backstreet
Boys song you know as long as he loved me I think that’s where they’re using
the chairs this is kind of reminds me this same ah jeez I hate that noise and
that whenever they move that see all right let’s see how this choreographer
works okay okay hopefully she can pull this
off I’m sure she can I mean if you’re a kpop artist kpop idol you’ll be trained
for dancing and everything so and Lisa’s definitely one of the better dancers out
there so this should be very straightforward and easy to earn Wow nice oh nice nice it works really well
definitely pulled it off so she needs to hit into the bait that one the back of
that is not too bad as well they can they can dance really well all they have
to do their backup dancers what am I thinking
anyways it’s not bad song – Antarian heard the
song before nice what straight to the beta’s well
she moves oh my goodness look at that that there goes the legs closed yeah very they’re all in sync
doing it right Wow goosebumps are ready please Oh bang pretty good
nice very nice should be 10 out of 10 there all right
that’s it what do you guys think Lisa come on when
she’s showing off her skills in here so you comment down below let me know what
you’re thinking about this dance practice with you specifically what do
you think of Lisa come down below oh yeah good thing this is a solo song from
Lisa black pink so I haven’t actually listened to this song fully but it
sounds nice so I’m what I’m probably gonna check that out and you know it
spotted my spotty bar that was a pretty hard choreography in there special with
the chair and when you look at it the final moment with the final clip your
tongue did it like seamlessly so kudos to her and I know she is a really good
dancer it’s probably one of the better dancers out there again yeah can’t wait
to you know check her music video in this one or actual performance yeah if
you know of anything any other dance practice videos that dance practice
videos you want me to check out comment down below as well okay and yeah
that’s it for today as always if you enjoyed this video remember to give me
the lot I really appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos
cool this is Dennis signing off I’ll see in the next video

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