How to Use BQool to Automate Your Amazon Pricing
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How to Use BQool to Automate Your Amazon Pricing

February 27, 2020

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I want to run you through be cool which is another repricing
software that I highly recommend now in the past I used reprice it and I still
currently do however I’ve been playing around with be cool and to be quite
honest it seems like a better repricing software now I’m still kind of weighing
the options here because I do use reprice it but looking through and I’ll
show you through the back end of this here in a second looking through the the
be cool actual interface it seems a lot more beginner friendly a lot easier to
use and you can apply a lot more bulk actions to a certain specific group of
actual repricing items whether that’s FBA whether that’s fbm whether that’s
used or new it seems a lot easier to use and a lot a lot better in my opinion to
apply those parameters to specific products in the backend ok with reprice
that you kind of need to go through and set certain parameters and then apply
those parameters specifically to all of your listings as a whole and there’s a
lot more you know complicated stuff in the backend it still works phenomenally
don’t get me wrong but it seems to be cool is a little bit more beginner
friendly and still does a lot of the same things that reprice it does but
easier and more beginner friendly okay so to touch on this really briefly there
is actually a free trial you can try it risk-free I believe for 14 days about 2
weeks here you don’t even need to put a credit card in and I do actually have an
affiliate link for it as well I will make sure to drop that directly below if
you want to check it out here’s it here’s a view of it in the backend
really fast I’ll just run you through exactly how I plan to use it now keep in
mind that I don’t actually use repricing software for my FBA List thinks a lot of
the times ok the reason for that is I like to I’m going after maximum
improvable which is something we’ve talked about many many times and so I
like to repress a lot of my fbm books because I don’t constantly like to go
through and match the price if you have hundreds or even thousands of books or
inventory at all right whether it’s FBA or FB em you kind of want to invest in a
repricing software that’s gonna take your time out of the equation so that
you can then repress all your items and be by box or lowest price competitive to
make sales depending on what you’re actually trying to sell right so I
specifically like to go through and manually do a lot of my FB
a listings but if you have a lot of FBA listings and you don’t want to waste a
lot of time you probably should be repricing with your repricing software
on FBA as well now I haven’t actually applied any of these parameters to my
fbm or any of my books yet because I still have repress it currently actively
repressing my software or repricing my books with that software so I’ll have to
actually stop that initially ahead of time another easy way to integrate this
is once you sign up you don’t actually have to go find your your product key
and give them access you can literally just click the button and it will auto
populate all that stuff for you and come back in with like itwhat like an hour or
two later depending on how many listings you have of course and literally it’s
just been granted access from Amazon so it does all that stuff for you you don’t
have to go into the backend a seller central and kind of find your key and
then put it in like you do with repress it okay so there are a lot of benefits
to this software that reprice it doesn’t have that I see and I’m really really
excited to kind of dive a little bit more in depth with it but you guys are
here for the repricing back-end so let me show you exactly how I would use this
if I planned on doing it right so you can sort through inactive obviously
active you can also go FBA listings in fbm and keep in mind it’s literally
pulling all this stuff up here for me I didn’t sign into any of this it’s got
all my listings right here literally downloaded into the actual interface
whereas with reprice that you have to set parameters and then hope that it
applies to those actual listings in your seller central it’s not showing you all
of them visually in front of you and letting you set the parameters for them
now I could literally go through this and set all these parameters
specifically whether it’s matched the lowest price right match the buy box or
stay competitive or anything like that you can also set rules here right like
stay competitive maximize profit say compete for the by box to maximize your
profit or compete to the by box to stay competitive right I don’t plan on using
any of those at least right now and obviously if you’re just getting into it
I’d recommend that you do one of two things either match the buy box price or
match the lowest price if you have a used item now the only time that it gets
a little you know sketchy here is if you’re matching a used by box price with
a book but we’re not going to get into that today that’s a little bit more
in-depth okay so mainly there’s two reasons that I would use repricing
software and probably two reasons that you would do that as well right so for
my FB things that are new I want to match the
vibe ox price and I don’t want to constantly have to go through and log
into seller central and Shep to see that it evens up with the buy box price in my
seller central and so that I can still be entitled to getting that sale because
I’m by box eligible right because we know that ninety to ninety-five percent
of the sales on Amazon come directly from the actual buy box okay the other
reason is if it was like a used product and or a used book because I’m trying to
go after maximum proven and get a lot of sales so I want to constantly maintain
the lowest price so somebody buys my book because it’s a used book and that’s
another way that I’m increasing my sales on my Amazon account so that I can
potentially obviously get more sales and then you know get auto approved for
certain brands and categories in the future via maximum approval so here we
are with my active fbm listings currently so if I want to do a bulk
application to every single one of my listings that are active fbm right I
could literally hit the Select all super easy and literally go through the bulk
actions and apply that rule so I specifically would go match your price
as the lowest price here and then simply apply it to everything so that every one
of my listings ends up being the lowest price and then I don’t ever have to
worry about it it will just trickle in sales for me you can also set a minimum
price here if you want to make sure that you’re profitable although I don’t
necessarily care about that all the time because I make enough profit with my FBA
listings that yeah I lose money on an F bit fbm use bucket here and there but I
don’t care necessarily about losing like 20 cents or 50 cents here and there
we’re making a dollar we regardless of what it is I just want the sale so that
I can get a gun gated and approved for brands in the future right but you can
set a minimum price if you want to make sure that you’re still profitable now
the other way that you could do this is you can go into FBA so I don’t wanna
obviously show you exactly what’s in my FB I right now because I don’t want you
go out and source the same exact products whether their wholesale whether
they’re both deal whatever it actually specifically is there’s countless
tutorials that I’ve done that show exactly what I source how I source them
and how you can replicate that process but let’s pretend that these were FBA
listings right here right so what I could do is I can literally go through
individually and apply parameters to them or I could once again select them
all and go to bulk actions and then literally hit match the buy box price
right so match your price as the buy box price so you can literally go through
like I said and select certain parameters whether you want to
set the minimum cost in FBA the max cost you want to apply specific rule there or
you just want to set them all to match the buy box price which is what I plan
on specifically doing okay now keep in mind that once you do set this software
up you do you can’t actually change them in seller central because if you change
a price manually in seller central it will deactivate the auto pricing on that
specific list thing going forward so just keep that in mind I used to before
I use repricing software and I used to do a lot of coupon arbitrage I would
literally waste like – maybe not three that’s a bit excessive but maybe like an
hour and a half two hours a day literally checking my listings and
manipulating the prices to make sure that I got sales and I could have
literally just outsource that to a software like this that would do it all
for me right so I highly recommend you checking to be cool it’s pretty
self-explanatory once you sign into it download all your stuff into the actual
software which it will walk you through that process once you sign up then you
can literally start applying these and it’s not complicated like reprice it you
don’t need like a 25 minute or a 30 minute tutorial on how to actually set
the parameters it’s very very very easy to understand right
inactive active list thinks FBM FBA listings rep or all of them together if
you want to apply them all and then literally just select bulk actions or
apply them specifically to each individual listing and boom you’re all

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  1. Sounds better than repriceit I’ve been using that for awhile and not particularly liking it. Bqool sounds easier I’ll check out the cost and sign up for the trial

  2. Hey bud do I need a pro account or the free account to win the buy box also as a new seller will I be eligible for the buy box ? It would only be a few sellers anyway on that listing

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