Avoid eBay scam Georgia Europe scammer Barami Logistics
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Avoid eBay scam Georgia Europe scammer Barami Logistics

February 27, 2020

probably googled this video and found it
but you can also save money by avoiding little I guess pitfalls that are going
to get you in a situation where you can get scammed on eBay if you are a seller
and I’m going to make this clear for everyone because on eBay sellers have
been scammed in the past I once read that someone shipped the phone an iPhone
a really expensive iPhone the person said it didn’t work
eBay created a return and as soon as the quote-unquote phone gets returned to you
you would have the credit back to the buyer well sometimes the buyer and this
has happened you can google this has actually sent the iPhone box but instead
of having the iPhone in it maybe a large rock and as soon as that package gets
scanned that it was received by the seller being you then eBay credits the
buyer so you really have to be careful in this particular situation I’m going
to go over what happened to me personally and hopefully this can help
you and save you some money from being scammed we’re talking about an item and
I’m gonna bring it up here that was total with the cost of the item and the
shipping seven hundred and sixty five dollars and 73 cents so we’re talking
about a high-value item here and the date that we sold it was on the fourth
of February this was for a machine it was listed under industrial so February
the fourth I tracked it all the way the person paid by PayPal by the way and you
have to look out for red flags that are going to make you say hmm
before you ship the item out so that’s exactly what we did
in this case the person’s eBay username had nothing to do with the shipping
address as far as the name so the person’s name was not up here rather a
commercial I guess or business address Bahrami logistics so the next thing I
did after that was I looked up the buyers feedback and the buyer for you if
you look closely here had positive feedback a hundred percent you can see
that up here positive feedback for the last 12 months a hundred percent and
there’s their user name Barret shota 217 is their feedback score a hundred
percent feedback and I thought okay well that’s a good buyer I’m the seller I’ll
go ahead and ship it but you want to go into the feedback page that you have
under feedback that the buyer has left for others and here’s where the
situation gets really scary for us I started looking at the feedback that
this buyer had left for others and out of the last 19 you can see here that
this buyer has left 37 but on the last 19 feedback 14 of them were negative and
this is the first page of the feedback you can see the person writing in
comments such as beware of scammer used other people’s images to sell an iPhone
he never had so I’m thinking here this person probably received the iPhone and
then created a return through the eBay system and put all the stuff now you
also want to pay attention to not only the person’s comments but what the buyer
has or the seller has put for him or her buyer never paid used many used with
many accounts sale was cancelled he is a scammer here’s another one buyer never
paid so it was probably and this is another seller as you can see here put
the same thing now we go to the next page for this buyer and the same thing
you can see more negative comments more negative comments I mean everywhere just
about everywhere so that raised a red flag for us
so before I even packaged the Machine which like I showed you before was an
expensive piece of equipment we’re talking about over seven hundred and
fifty dollars with shipping and everything I called eBay I got eBay on
the phone and I said I want feedback from you guys what should I do as a
seller because a lot of things raised red flags for me the feedback this
person has left for others and then the fact that the address was was like a
business it wasn’t the person’s name and another thing that I want to point out
is while before I sold the item the person asked me questions and so forth
and the questions were like in broken English like the like if the person
didn’t speak English properly so that raised a flag and after the sale the
person was sending me messages through the eBay system hey can you send us ASAP
I need this ASAP and the times that the sub that the buyer was sending me
information was like in the middle of night our time which kind of question to
me was huh this person is either a night owl or probably in another country but
anyway with the conversation with eBay I asked eBay listen I want to protect
myself so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to create a video or different videos of
me packaging the the contents properly putting in proper protection around the
item so it doesn’t get damaged a wooden crate etc etc
and I’ve videoed the whole thing over four minutes of video and I also took
pictures and then once you get on your sale page on eBay and you’re ready to
ship let’s say if it’s FedEx or UPS you can add signature and it costs you a
little bit more like two or three dollars more and there’s different types
of signature like a physical signature by the person that’s on the address or a
picture or our signature from anyone I just took the one the most expensive one
it was like five or six dollars but anyway what you see here is we sold the
item on February the 4th the next day the fifth it was already accepted by
FedEx and it was delivered six days later it had to go cross-country from
the west coast all the way to the East Coast I have all that documented with
the FedEx tracking number and then I printed this today today’s February the
26th and I’ll tell you why it shows that it was delivered and then signed for by
and the name of the person and that oh here’s the option direct signature
required I put that on the sale page as you can see it was a heavy machine 91
pounds it wasn’t light that’s why the shipping
cost so much but it went from here from Arizona all the way to Wilmington
Delaware cross country it took a long trip to get there anyway six days later
was there here’s where it gets a little scary for
us on the 25th yesterday the seller Barrett shota sent
us this message what’s this man you have written that machine is used three to
five times and it’s not working and that’s what we put on our listing
there’s problem of vacuum there has parts that is changed maybe you changed
it’s not used three five Tikes and why you send me unworkable machine what’s
this it’s not working so this was already a cause for concern for us
the buyer where they’re complaining that this machine is not working and also
they sent us this picture the damaged crate I mean this looks like it was
dropped from like two storeys and thankfully for us we videotaped the
whole contents inside being packaged with heavy-duty foam hard foam soft foam
bubble wrap everything and then we also took a video of the actual hinges on
this on the crates like you see here being closed all this was 100%
documented on video and we let you may know this from the get-go from the
beginning why is this important because all the messages we got from the person
showed that it was a different time and I googled time in Georgia country which
is why we believe the person is in Georgia not Atlanta Georgia but Georgia
the country so let me go into different things that I started to do before I
even called eBay because again the person started creating this problem I
went on Google and I typed eBay Bahrami logistics and I found guys start looking
at this I am from Georgia near Black Sea I use logistic postal company but our
army logistics from eBay this person which I believe is a scammer had created
information where eBay closed a case on the sellers favor and this person here’s
the buyer and you can see that here and they said they’s Bharani logistics okay
so now I see that Bahrami logistics takes packages from the US and
sends them over to Georgia you can see that here again Georgia and then another
courier scam eBay community I started to see that and kind of put two and two
together after doing a search under eBay Bharani logistics then I did another
search Bahrami logistics scam in general no eBay on it and I found this website
Bahrami us and then also they’re going under different names now Bharani
logistics with an X same address Wilmington Delaware and but I went to
the website and I’ll show you here something and I started to look deeper into this
and you can see that this services this company offers is container loading and
auto export internet shopping air freight and here we go
custom clears calculator in Georgia and boom here we go
I started looking closely at the addresses that this company is using and
right here 735 South Market Street Wilmington Delaware which is the same
address this got shipped to so what we did is we called eBay on the phone after
this person had put in that message to us that that the machine is not working
and I gave them all this information you got it you got to have this information
with you as far as what you already found because the rep on the phone
sometimes they’re just novices and sure enough they went while they were on the
phone with us they went to the website Bahrami that US and they found out for
themselves that this is a courier company that takes items from the US
from sellers in the US on eBay and granted also Amazon and then ships it
over overseas to Russian Federation Bahrami
logistics is doing this and they’re shipping it to Georgia immediately the
rep on the phone said you don’t need to worry about it if this buyer creates an
eBay case quote-unquote we will go on your favor because everything’s been
documented oh by the way the rep on the phone also found documentation on our
account that when we called eBay before we shipped it that I had this concern
and I then videotaped it so then what eBay told us to do is get the video that
you already have uploaded to YouTube send it to the buyer as an as a YouTube
unlisted video so it’s not listed for for you guys to see in the public but
it’s an unlisted video that only the person that has the link can see it but
I showed them the video I emailed it to them
showing that everything was documented and then the serial number was also
documented on the video that also matched the serial number on one of the
ebay pictures on our listing so guys if you’re taking notes if you are going to
be a victim of being scammed a lot of buyers are doing this overseas they are
buying the stuff from you and then creating an issue and hopefully trying
to get drained some money off of you but you have to be on your toes because
there’s another website I’m going to bring it up here Bab buyer list org that
you can check out and then there’s other addresses pretty much by the same
company but different addresses throughout the country where they are
just like this company they’re a logistics company that takes stuff from
US sellers and ships it overseas I don’t know if it’s if they’re at fault for
this if they’re just like the middle person but you can see this is written
here in Russian here by the way and you can kind of tell that people from the
other side of the world are doing this trying to drain money from u.s. sellers
but you have to document the information take videos take pictures call eBay
before you ship out your items so that there’s a documentation from eBay that
you called them showing your concern but this is another source bad buyer list
org folks if you feel this video was helpful to you please give it a thumbs
up please subscribe to our Channel we are looking for ways in helping people
saving money and one way you save money is avoid being scammed by eBay because
if they judge against your favor you lost your money and I was thinking this
guy since this was a heavy package 91 pounds and you bring that up right here
91 pounds that if eBay favored on their behalf that they would probably put like
four or five cinderblocks in that crate sent it back to me and as soon as it was
scan it was received by the center us they
would give him all this money back and then we would be out of money and also
out of the actual item they might have kept the item so they’re probably trying
to fabricate all the stuff that the item does not work because that’s what the
buyer put on the ebay message that we just got yesterday but the item does
work and part of the video that we took is the item actually powering on and
showing that it’s working this machine that this person claims that now is not
working so again if you feel all this was helpful to you please give us a
thumbs up if you have any questions post them on the on the comments section
below maybe there’s someone else that has gone
through something similar and can help you if it’s not me that can answer the
question maybe someone else can but put it out there and maybe someone else can
help anyway thank you for watching please subscribe to our Channel and
until next time

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